Got Spirit?

The subject of spiritual gifts makes me think of the “Got Milk?” promotion. Instead of a milk mustache, maybe we could be pictured with our various gift(s) and a halo with the caption, “Got Spirit?” Okay, a halo might be stretching it, at least for me. Maybe it could be an accurately rusted and dented halo per my bumps in life.

I get a little tangled up sometimes in understanding the difference between a spiritual gift and a natural talent. They can be one and the same or God may give us a gift to use for His purpose that we didn’t previously possess. There are also a lot of talented people that do not use their talents for God’s purpose. A spiritual gift should be used to fulfill God’s purpose.

Plus, isn’t it a little difficult sometimes to think that we have even been given a spiritual gift? I feel it is often easier to point out someone else’s gift than to discern my own, if I even have one.

That was the first question laid to rest. Yes, as Christians, we each have at least one spiritual gift! 1 Peter 4:10 says, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

Pastor Scott encourages the completion of a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. If you haven’t already completed such an assessment, I encourage you to do so! One of the outcomes of my assessment and conversation with Pastor Scott was the implementation of this blog. I never thought of my writing as being a spiritual gift. I just like to write. However, if someone watched me try to settle down to write, they might question that statement. It takes me several tries before I can actually remain seated and begin writing. I distract easily. I probably look a little like that dust bunny that I had to get up, retrieve the hand-vacuum, and chase down as it scurried around the floor in the wake of the cats racing through the dining room.

Once settled, I may think I know what I want to write, but if I give the keyboard over to God, I find different words or thoughts taking shape on my laptop screen.

If you let go of fear, worry, pride, control or something else that may be holding you back, what would God let you accomplish? What spiritual gift is urging you on? What part of God’s plan would you be helping fulfill if you let go and let God?

~Marla. research papers to purchase

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