Do you ever get in God’s way?

I have been feeling less than inspired. It makes me frustrated. Does anyone else want life to happen on their schedule; as they see fit?

How many times do I/we try to force life along, make decisions without listening or searching for God’s direction and wisdom? I/we get in a hurry. We are a disposable, drive-thru, speedy-checkout (yes, I want fries with that) society. Yet we know: Rome wasn’t built in a day. The tortoise won the race.   The African elephant gestation period is approximately 21.5 months. (And to think, I got grouchy about eight months into my pregnancies or, quite possibly, sooner than that.) The strongest oak tree was an acorn at one time … probably just a nut placed by a squirrel. I’m not sure if I’m the nut or the squirrel. Regardless, I hope I am planting some seeds of thought. Even God took seven days to create the universe.
Patience is the quality of bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. Ouch. No wonder patience is considered a virtue and a spiritual gift.

“The key, however, is to realize that patience — true, lasting patience — isn’t something we can develop on our own. Instead, it’s a gift from God, given to us by the Holy Spirit. Have you ever confessed your impatient spirit to God, and asked Him to make you a more patient person? He will, as you yield your life and your emotions to Christ, and then seek to become more like Him.” (

How do you get in the way of God’s work? Do you wait for Him to show the way?

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