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The Dramatic Book of Ruth

Are you tired of turning on the television, checking 150 stations, and nothing is on?  Can’t wait for the new episodes to get started this fall?  I recommend that you turn the television off and flip your Bible open to the book of Ruth.  It reads better than most dramas. Ruth is one of only […]

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There is a YOU-sized gap!

When I read the subject of Pastor Scott’s May 24 sermon, “Stand In the Gap,” my first thought was not of Ezekiel 22:30: ” I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to […]

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Unwarranted Grumbling

As I was preparing to mow the grass this afternoon, I was grumbling. I wasn’t grumbling because I had to mow. Truth be told, most of the time I enjoy mowing. I was a little grumbly because it seems that when I have time to mow, I can never just hop on the mower and […]

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Too Busy!?!?!?!?

Funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) how this post came together. Bits and pieces, here and there, over the past several weeks. However, it is probably not random coincidence. It started with a question that was posed to Pastor Scott about seeking a sign from God. Pastor Scott’s advice was that when praying for a sign from […]

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What? You Mean Me?

I always start to get edgy in February; possibly even a bit testy. Winter, by now, has made me as frazzled and frayed as my old, weathered, chore coat. The mud outside is cumbersome and the mess that gets tracked inside is down-right loathsome. When it isn’t muddy outside, it is only because it is […]

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Do you ever get in God’s way?

I have been feeling less than inspired. It makes me frustrated. Does anyone else want life to happen on their schedule; as they see fit? How many times do I/we try to force life along, make decisions without listening or searching for God’s direction and wisdom? I/we get in a hurry. We are a disposable, […]

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Got Spirit?

The subject of spiritual gifts makes me think of the “Got Milk?” promotion. Instead of a milk mustache, maybe we could be pictured with our various gift(s) and a halo with the caption, “Got Spirit?” Okay, a halo might be stretching it, at least for me. Maybe it could be an accurately rusted and dented […]

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What Would Jesus Have Done?

Several weeks ago, in the early morning hours, an unusual incident happened on our country road. This incidence involved a wreck, young adults in the wreck, a stolen car, drugs &/or alcohol, several of the neighbors, police, searches, the K-9 officer, etc. I still think about it often, maybe because the skid marks are still […]

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The Broken Knob

There is a story about this knob, in my kitchen, that is begging to be written. I don’t even know what it is; the moral of the story. Something, Someone, is telling me to sit down at my computer and start writing. I am trusting that feeling, that Someone, to write this story. We have […]

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How to Talk to a Widow

Well now, there’s a title for you to ponder. What prompted this? Pastor Scott’s message November 2, Orphan Sunday, was, “What Pleases God?” James 1:22-27. In a nutshell, we were reminded not to only listen to/read the Word, but to do what it says. Put some action verbs to work in our lives. Verse 27 […]

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